Post show snacks! One small detail layer left to print BUT, seven limited edition 5″x7″ exhibition posters up are up for grabs! Thank you for everyone who came to rep and support! Email us at {} if you fancy a print!
ALSO! Secret end of November surprise release coming! Listen up!


Anjel Van Slyke hand painted a beautiful GOLD sign upon the window! Hope you can join us for the opening tomorrow evening from 6:30pm-9:30pm at Olive Route Press {1711 Martin Luther King Jr. Way} in North Berkeley. We would love to see you all and have you share in a celebration with desserts by The Whole Cake, and spiked punch graciously provided by The Bon Vivants.

ALSO! We’ll be setting up lino cuts made by each artist on the Vandercook presses– here’s your chance try it out one of the 100-year old presses and take home your own commemorative print from the event. We make, you make!


This October 12th brings about the first showing of a  {This Kitchen Sink} project by Taylor Zarkades King.


; a collection of objects and hand forged wearables preserved in intricately wrapped pale thread. 

“Salting” is the blanketing of salt over perishable foods as a means of preservation. Thinking on our daily consumption of images and thought as perishable passings, the displayed found objects, some of which have been forged into wearable tokens, are wrapped in white thread and cloth. A few fleeting a memories to revisit at a later point in time.

I’m also incredibly honored to share this night with the book release of ONE YEAR WITHOUT LIGHT by writer | printer | and book artist Camille Ikalina Robles, founder of One Red Delicious Press.

We’ll be setting up lino cuts made by each artist on the Vandercook presses– here’s your chance try it out one of the 100-year old presses and take home your own commemorative print from the event.

Other awesome, complimentary things!:

Learn about the printing and handlettering workshops at Olive-Route Press
Handpainted signs by Anjel Van Slyke
Beautiful desserts provided by The Whole Cake
Spiked punch graciously provided by The Bon Vivants

Bring cash and checkbooks to buy some lovely, handmade things.

Sweet B @ Olive Route Press ; 6:30pm-9:30pm
1711 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA


WARM CITY has a long past with me, and has existed in a variety of hosts. It’s been my cooking blog, my catering alias, the name of my “someday” owned cafe, my underground free-spirited vegan donut cart… pretty much the only thing that remains consistent is the focus / curious exploration of  seasonal plant-based cooking.

So! When I decided to start { -this KITCHEN SINK } I thought it a perfect opportunity to turn this into a real bonafide project. Something that plays! WARM CITY is a quarterly cooking zine released each season with a editorial “theme”. Because I want to grow this project as a discussion on FOOD +CULTURE+CRAFT, starting with our Spring 2012 issue in April there will guest articles from around town, out of town, and featured artists works invited to play with the project.

This winter we are releasing our 5 recipe preview issue that takes WARM CITY back to back to its roots at a street “pop up” vegan donuts & fritters project. Because { -this KITCHEN SINK } is a explorative functional craft object based collective this issue will also includes a donut & fritters tool/utensils page.

WINTER 2012 also includes a postcard sized illustration by Ryan Schmidt for you to “write your own recipe” and mail to a friend [or foe]… Or, keep for yourself. Because its hard to part with Ryan’s illustrations. {!!!}

Each issue is hand bound with love and stapled agression. xo

Hear is a sneak peek of this seasons cover!

Thank you so much for your support, we hope you enjoy!


It’s a brainchild! The inevitable birth that followed the throws of craft lust, the kitchen, and two friends who might some day hide their piggy bank saving 401K’s in several of their world renowned pop culture novelty coffee mug collections. LIKELY!

THIS kitchen sink is the design collective currently working in CERAMIC + PRINT + ILLUSTRATION + METALS + WOOD + material experimentations.

We are presently in the studio building up a new series of hand crafted kitchenware & accoutrements TO BE RELEASED IN 2012!!! This column will be a place to check in and leak what’s going on in the studio, shops + galleries,  events we occupy, and internet finds of the century that catch our eye. Yep, this is digital kitchen for hang out and share time.


Taylor & Ryan